TFSA Investment Options

TFSA investment options are fairly broad. You can hold many of the same investments you hold in your RSP in your TFSA, including mutual funds, GICs, stocks and bonds. The options for TFSA investment are virtually endless: from cash and GICs, to stocks and bonds, along with mutual funds and ETFs. But the rules concerning qualified investments can be complex and detailed, especially when your investment is something other than a plain vanilla, blue chip Canadian stock.

The National Post notes that special rules apply to, for example, non-listed stock:

While common shares generally qualify for investment in a TSFA, the rules themselves are quite technical. The Income Tax Act states that in order for a stock to be a qualified investment for a TFSA, it generally must be listed on a designated stock exchange.

To learn more or to check for updates, visit the TFSA information page on the Canada Revenue Agency website.